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  2010 Annual Report  
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The 2010 annual report highlights the services and accomplishments of our hospitals, clinics, and health sciences centers, each of which continues its own individual tradition of healthcare and medical education, under the umbrella of LSU Health. The wide reach of LSU Health enables many in Louisiana, regardless of their ability to pay, to receive quality healthcare, allowing them to live healthy, productive lives.

LSU Health also trains our future healthcare providers, just as it has for generations. With two health sciences centers, ten hospitals and hundreds of clinics, LSU Health touches, in one way or another, the lives of nearly everyone in the state. Many, if not most of us, have received care from doctors, nurses, dentists, and allied health professionals who were trained in LSU hospitals and clinics. It is safe to say, in one fashion or another, LSU is a part of us all.

LSU Health continues its enduring tradition of caring with an eye on imminent changes and future challenges facing healthcare systems and providers in the years to come. In Baton Rouge, LSU is pursuing a new collaborative with Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center, which will allow patients to receive quality, comprehensive healthcare and medical residents to continue receiving the best training. As an LSU affiliate in New Orleans, University Medical Center will be built to accommodate twenty-first century best healthcare practices, rivaling any healthcare facility anywhere.

As a well established, statewide network of coordinated healthcare that encompasses primary care providers, specialists, emergency rooms, inpatient beds, pharmacies, electronic health records, disease management initiatives and other components of a comprehensive delivery system, LSU Health leverages limited resources to best meet the needs of a large Medicaid and uninsured population. Today, Medicaid serves over a million Louisiana citizens. In 2014, with federal healthcare reform, that number will increase dramatically. At LSU Health, we provide healthcare for a low-income population and deliver excellent complex services, such as trauma, burn, cancer, and HIV care, for the entire population, continuing our tradition of service to all.

As a statewide integrated system of care, LSU Health is well equipped and prepared to participate in the proposed federal and state delivery system reforms. We at LSU are very familiar with the reform concepts proposed to improve the coordination among delivery systems, improve outcomes, and provide more efficient care for the entire population. We are training our future healthcare workforce in this environment today. This is the work of LSU Health.

- The above text is from the 2010 Annual Report 'Letter from the Vice President' by Frederick P Cerise, MD, MPH. Click to read the full report.
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